Islamic Financial Services

All your Sharia solutions – In one place

Islam is a complete code of life which gives guidance for almost all the important aspects of personal and professional life which also include financial management and risk coverage. Pakistan is one of the blessed countries in the world which has been bestowed with an exceptional and brilliant intellectual capital on Islamic Finance. Our Shariah Scholars are second to none in the world for providing guidance on Islamic Business principals and their applications.

At TAWUN we have networking with leading Islamic Financial institutions to provide our clients Shariah compliant solutions for financial management and risk coverage. We have with us a broad range of advisory and consultancy services available to our clients and we cater to all the segments of business community and Islamic financial sector. We pride ourselves on the variety of services provided in the form of financial consultancy, distribution channel development, business development, training, Shariah Audit, market research and debt swapping and this incorporates all the Sharia and legal facets of Islamic Finance. In doing so, we make sure the local jurisdictions and regulations are adhered to in all respects.

Our Services

  • Shariah Advisory For Business
  • Shariah Advisory for Financial Institutions
  • Shariah Audit
  • Shariah Compliant Risk Coverage (Takaful)
  • Banca Takaful & Micro Takaful Distribution
  • Islamic Mutual Funds
  • Islamic Financing Arrangements
  • Training & Human Resource Development for Financial Institutions